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It does not matter where your original certificate is from, as long as you are seeking a TEXAS DIRECTORS LICENSE, 

We can renew you!


Please note, all renewals take 35 days to process and are sent out on the last day of each month following your submission of all documentation.  

Do you need a renewal fast?



If your license has expired within the last 30 days or is about to expire you will need to purchase the expedited Directors renewal which will get you a 6 day turn around.  This 6 days begins once we have received all of your renewal documents


To renew your credential you will need the following:

_____  You will need to fill out the RENEWAL VERIFICATION DOCUMENT that we send you.

_____ You will need proof of 60 clock hours of training or 6 CEU's of training within the last 2 years.  You can send us photos of them or a listing of them with the following information for each training.  Title of training, # of hours received, date of training, name and trainer number of trainer and contact information for the trainer.  

____You must send us a photo of your current CPR CARD.

____You must send us a photo of your Current license that is about to expire or has recently expired. 


_____Your current Directors Credential can not be expired past 60 days.  If it is expired past 60 days you must re-take the Directors Credential course again and apply as a new Director with Child Care Licensing.  


_____Must currently work in a licensed child care facility or have 80 hours of experience working with young children in the last 2 years.  


Register and pay for the renewal $75.00 by clicking the application button at the top of this page.    You will be directed to a secure payment site that will take your registration information and payment.  Once payment is received you will be sent, via the email you provide - instructions on how to log in and complete the renewal process.


Tick Tock Training

502 W. MONTGOMERY #240



If you have questions or need assistance with your renewal application please email us at:

or call: (888) 237-0822

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