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Scroll down to register for the course. 


When you have finished the course you will have your TEXAS DIRECTORS LICENCE and will be able to work as a

Director, 2nd Designated Director or Assistant Director

in the state of TEXAS. 

This credential can also be used to

open your own child care center or in-home center.



This is a self paced, 60 clock hour program. 

Student has 6 months to complete the program.

This credential is accepted in TEXAS only at this time.


The Online Child Care Administrator’s Credential provides professional recognition for early childhood professionals seeking to acquire certification in the management of a

child care center in Texas.

Our 60 Clock Hour Program focuses on the core areas of competency required by State Licensing.

* Principles of child growth and development
* Safe, healthy, learning environments
* Positive guidance techniques to support social and emotional development
* Effective and productive relationships between family, community and school
* Observation documentation of children, staff and the child care program
* Principles of Administration
* Personnel management and staff development
* Meeting Texas Minimum Standards
* Strategies to effectively manage a child care center

Course Enrollment Requirements:

* 21 years of age or older
* High school diploma or GED

*2 Years Experience in a licensed child care facilty.

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