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Child Care Administrator's Credential 

Directors Certification Course - $280.00

(Available Only for Texas at this time).

To become a Director you will need:


1. To complete our Administrator’s Credential program

2. Have at least two years of experience in a licensed child-care center (which includes licensed in home centers.)

3. Be 21 Years of Age

4. Have a High School Diploma or GED


Program Hours: 60

(To register for the online class scroll to the bottom of this page.)


Online Cost: $280.00       

Required Topics Covered:  Certificate valid for 2 years.


• 10 clock hours Principles of child growth and development

• 10 clock hours Safe, healthy, learning environments

• 10 clock hours Positive guidance techniques to support social and emotional development

• 5 clock hours -  Effective and productive relationships between family, community and school

• 5 clock hours - Observation documentation of children, staff and the child care program

• 5 clock hours - Principles of Administration

• 5 clock hours -  Personnel management and staff development

• 5 clock hours - Meeting Texas Minimum Standards

• 5 clock hours -Strategies to effectively manage a child care center

At this time our Child Care Administrator's credential

is only accepted in TEXAS and is valid for 2 years.


This course can be used to become the Directors, Assistant Director of a licensed childcare center.  

The course normally only takes 4 weeks to complete, however, if you need additional time to complete the course you can purchase more time by clicking the extension link at the top of this page.  The cost for an extension is $65.00 and allows you an additional 60 days to complete your program.



Three Girls
Children in Indoor Playground
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